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Madam President, we are very grateful to the Court for giving us that short opportunity to take instructions. Before I deal with the situation of Mr Taylor's arrival at court this morning, can I just correct one thing. When I addressed you on the position of Ms Alagendra passing the baton as it were to Mr Bangura, I said to you that I spoke to her about her planned departure on Wednesday and possibly before and I think in your ruling you indicated that I had found out only on Wednesday. That is not right. In fact I was also approached on either Tuesday or Wednesday by Ms Baly, who asked me, "Will Ms Alagendra make her flight on Friday morning?", so this is obviously something that was well in hand for at least a week. I just wanted to correct that, because I didn't say to you, Madam President, that I found out for the first time on Wednesday. It was earlier than that. Can i now move on.

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