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The Prosecution does not object to that.

Your Honours, in relation to the absence of Ms Alagendra, she had to travel, or she is as I speak on her way travelling, back to Freetown this morning. Your Honour, Ms Alagendra normally is based in Freetown and would come up to conduct witnesses whom she works with in Freetown. It was - she had a schedule to return back to Freetown today after being here for about three weeks. Up until last evening it was our anticipation that this witness's testimony would have been concluded in fact before last evening, but it became apparent that it was not and we were prepared, or she was prepared, to postpone her return up until the close of the Court day yesterday, but after we closed it became clear that any postponement of her flight would require her another two weeks for a reservation to go back to Freetown and this was going to impact greatly on her planning for the next session witnesses.

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