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"Witness clarified the following", you were appointed to work with Peleto after the UN peacekeepers were released around June 2000, you were assigned at Ngaiya section in Yengema Town in Kono as a mining commander. "Witness confirmed everything he said about diamond mining in Kono on his previous". I'm actually reading accurately from the statement even though the grammar is bad. Now that presumably means in his previous statements and we know that you mentioned Kono - yes, you mentioned Kono in that paragraph 13 of the interview on 3 May 2006 when you said you'd never seen any anyone executed.

You then provide further information about mining activities in Kono 1998 to 2000 and you clarified that you saw Sahr Quee who worked for Issa Sesay at Ngaiya beating civilians, Fullah men and put them under gunpoint and took their money and you say Peleto more than many times going to Ngaiya, arresting civilians, placing them in vehicles and taking them to mining sites at No. 11 Plant in Koidu.

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