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No-one will expect you to remember the precise date, although in fact in your case you might remember the precise date, but at some time in the middle of 2006 you were being asked to clarify matters that you had previously talked about. You had previously talked about forced mining and the punishment of those who escaped or refused to participate and we will go back to the previous information that you had given the Prosecution about forced mining and the punishment of those who refused to participate in it in due course, but when you were asked about it again, this time in May 2006, it is recorded that you told the Prosecutors that you did see people being forced to mine, but you never saw anyone executed for trying to escape. You also went on to say that you heard about killings and mutilations at mining sites, Kaisamba and Number 11 plant in Kono, some time during the dry season in 1998. Now you were being asked in that interview in May of 2006 about the question of forced mining generally, weren't you? You were being asked - I will put it to you another way?

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