The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

You can see the document if you wish to, but I will read to you what it says word for word. Again, this might take a couple of minutes. Let me read all of it to you and then I will ask you questions about it:

"The witness was asked to clarify comments about forced mining and the punishment of those who escaped/refused to participate. He stated that during the early period of the revolution Foday Sankoh did not have total control of the fighters as many were Liberian. He only managed to gain complete control when the Liberians left. He did see people being forced to mine, but never saw anyone executed for trying to escape. He heard about killings/mutilations at mining sites, Kasambo ...", which you later corrected to Kaisambo, "... and Number 11 plant in Kono some time during the dry season in 1998".

Now, not only did they record what you told them in May of 1996. You were asked later about what you had said in that interview and you were taken through this interview and you corrected --

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