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Well, let us look at what the investigators recorded you saying in January of 2006 in something called a proofing. Unfortunately we are not told who the investigators were who interviewed you on 14 January 2006, but this is what they have recorded you as saying. And, Mr Mansaray, it is going to take a moment or two for me to read it, because I want to put it in context. I want to put it in the right time frame. And so if you will bear with me while I read it, I will then ask you several questions about it. This is what is recorded:

"In February 1998 we received from Rogers the order to retreat to Daru and I stayed there two or three months as IDU Officer Commissioner in charge of a team with Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Lukulay (also known as Manawa) as my commander. Around May 1998 we moved to Quiva where I stayed five months and reported to Manawa, whose boss was Augustine Gbao based in Kailahun Town. We successfully attacked Segbwema under the command of CO Gaddafi and seized arms and ammunition from ECOMOG. I did not carry a gun as I was IDU officer on this attack, which took place about five days after the final attack by the RUF against Koidu Town. After the attack we stayed two months in Segbwema. Gaddafi was reporting to Francis Musa, who himself was reporting to Augustine Gbao".

Now before I go on to the next sentence, I am just going to take you through that sequence so that we can work out the time period. In February 1998 you receive an order to retreat to Daru and you stay there for two or three months which takes us to May of 1998, do you agree?

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