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I am not putting a spin on anything. Where I come from a spin is a pejorative term. With great respect, your Honour, what I did was I put the exact words first of all and then to assist the witness I said to him "or words to that effect", for the reason I have already explained. How can he be expected to remember now what he said to somebody in November 2003? He can, however, be expected to remember the gist of it, the nub of it. I will do it one more time and to satisfy everybody I will tell my learned friend exactly where I am reading from and I will read it again, exactly as I read it before. It is on page 16.

Can I correct something that my learned friend Mr Bangura said. He referred to this being a statement. There are no statements in this case. This is a record of an interview. There is no indication that the record was ever given to this witness to sign as a statement.

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