The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Can I intervene here? Yesterday and the day before, while this witness was being taken through his evidence-in-chief, I had to wade through a mass of papers because his evidence in this courtroom is extracted bit by bit from all over this host of pages of different interviews, a dozen or more, as you know. I didn't ask, at any stage, for my learned friend to identify which particular bit of which interview he was giving evidence about. What I am now being asked to do is assist the Prosecution in helping them to find the bits of the interviews that I choose to refer to. It is not my job in this Court to assist the Prosecution in that way. If the witness agrees that he said that, that is an end of the matter. If the witness disagrees that he said that, then I am duty bound, as has already been discussed, to put it in front of him so that he and everybody else can see what he is referring to. Other than that, my duties are limited to putting the questions.

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