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Mr Mansaray, you, as we know, have been interviewed over a dozen times by the Prosecution in this case. I am asking you about their record of what you said to them the very first time, we are told, that you were interviewed by them in November 2003, at least four years ago, and that is why I am suggesting you might need a little bit of time to think about it, because it is a while back since that interview. Do you remember saying to the Prosecutor who was interviewing you, or the person employed by the Office of the Prosecution, that in November 1995 Foday Sankoh visited you, he then went on to Zogoda, he came back and visited you later and at that time you had run short of ammunition. Then in the very next sentence you are recorded as saying, "We used to get our ammunition from ULIMO-K. We used to purchase the ammunition with money. At that time they were also on disarmament process."

Now, let me try and take it in stages. Forget what you told the interviewers for a moment. Is it right that you used to buy ammunition from ULIMO-K with money?

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