The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

I met him having the gun in his hands - in his hand and I saw the corpses myself on the ground and I asked him, "Alhaji Put More, why have you killed these civilians?" And he asked me to get out of his sight. He said those people were Kamajors. And I told him that, "We have captured this town and we've been living together with these people for about one to two weeks, how would you just kill them now claiming that they are Kamajors?" I said, "Those people are innocent people that you've killed." And he said if I kept on saying the same thing that I was saying he will do something bad to me, because I was an IDU personnel who was just there to write about them. So I stopped the argument and I wrote the report against him and I sent it to Francis Musa and included the names of his bodyguards who were involved too. Francis Musa met me in Segbwema and told me that he had received the report about Alhaji Put More.

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