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Thank you, Madam President. I will make a few observations. First of all, when we argue some of us argue vociferously for our clients and occasionally terminology might be misused. There is a basis for my suggestion that there might have been pressure to CMS and I'm not suggesting by the Prosecution. Counsel for the Prosecution and I spoke late yesterday evening and a lot of the conversation centred around whether or not these documents should be circulated and in particular there was a concern that CMS was about to circulate them publicly. I'm referring to Mr Bangura and I, we spoke. He gave me a call yesterday evening and I returned his call and at the end of the discussion I recall counsel saying to me that it appears that CMS had decided to hold off circulating them until this morning. And I had acquiesced with counsel that he could raise the issue this morning before the Chamber.

So clearly it was my understanding when I spoke with counsel that CMS was contemplating what to do under these circumstances and this morning we come to court and it turns out that they had opted to actually circulate it but to do so confidentially. My impression as of yesterday evening was that it would not even by circulated until we came to court. Of course I made clear that none of us had the authority to intervene in the manner in which CMS functioned.

So when I say that there is pressure, the basis for that is that as of yesterday evening I had a conversation that suggested that CMS was unsure of what to do and as of this morning it turns out that they had taken a course of conduct or action that in my view is far from neutral.

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