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Well this is something that I have seen established by Christo Johnson here and he is a journalist, and even when he was in the camp he had limited areas to go to. We limited his movement. He did not go to all the areas that we were and with certain senior commanders he did not even visit them. And then we - when we called him, we explained things to him. The senior commanders explained to him and then he told us that he will go and put it over the news, you see, and that was what happened. And Christo Johnson himself was just limited at the headquarters. Bazzy and other commanders, he only spoke to them. He was not allowed to go to the villages, or the areas around us. He was only limited to the headquarters where the commanders were, the commanders who explained this thing to him, that is Bazzy, Bomb Blast, Tito and others, Junior Lion and all of us who were there. So if he is saying here that what he saw at the headquarters is what he is explaining here then I don't agree with it, because there were some other villages where there were different, different battalions situated there.

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