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Just as I said, after we had withdrawn and we went towards the east Gullit came and said now the people in Freetown have changed their song, the song which they were singing: That they were our brothers, we wanted peace. Now the people are singing it otherwise: That our brothers have come, they've come to steal. He said so now we should move and go as far as, he said, Ferry Junction. So wherever we met people singing that song, or we see them setting fires, or when we entered Freetown because there was no electricity they used to set fire to secure the area, so he said those peoples were betraying us, we should kill them. We should go back to as far as PWD - I'm sorry, Ferry Junction, whether they were in any of the positions or if - according to the orders, if we met with any of these civilians, or setting fire anywhere, we should kill them because they were trying to indicate our positions.

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