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Well, I am sorry. If I understood counsel's question, counsel referred first to page 8203 and she said the witness's answer did not include SLAs as part of the Red Lion battalion. Well if you go to the previous page 8202, at the bottom of the page, line 24, starting at line 22 actually, she asked the question:

"Q. Witness, what was the composition of the Red Lion


A. Well, the Red Lion battalion had Med Bajehjeh who was

the SLA who led them."

So, he had already included in the previous page that there was an SLA member and I thought her question was initially when he was asked the question he did not include any SLAs. Am I making sense? She read from page 8203, the page after, saying the witness never included SLAs as members of the Red Lion battalion, but on the preceding page he did.

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