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We had two roads entering which we used during the time of the operation in Voinjama: One leading from Tenenbu - I mean Gbarnga, Zorzor, Tenenbu entering Voinjama and the other route from Kolahun, Vesala, LPMC, public work into Voinjama. So he was part of the other forces that moved into Voinjama by way of Gbarnga, Zorzor to Tenenbu, and the other forces, that was led by the overall commander Superman, through this other route I'm talking about, Vesala, LPMC into Voinjama, and when Voinjama was captured everybody moved from Kolahun into Voinjama and there again I saw him. He came to the base where Superman was and addressed the other forces. In fact, before that time there was a conflict between them.

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