The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

This was something you could not actually imagine. Being Vice-President and as usual we were at the Executive Mansion parlour where there was a programme and I was called to be present and everybody went there, and all of a sudden I was called to - I did not even address the congregation, because I was - of course, as I was called I was sworn in to become President and immediately after I saw these four Presidents around the former President, they went upstairs and maybe into his office and they were there and everybody was just moving as though somebody had come to take somebody away. I overheard these Presidents saying that this time he must go, this time he must go. So that was how I got to know that he was leaving that moment and that was exactly what they said and then they took him away. He was sitting in the car with Obasanjo and some other Presidents, they were about three, and we all rushed to the airport and it was strictly from the Executive Mansion direct to the airport. That was how he left the Executive Mansion.

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