The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

That was what I said, that I was not too sure of becoming the successor of President Taylor at the time he was leaving. It was Nyundueh Monkomana and Moses Blah, which was contradicting according to our constitution, so that was why I said that I was not informed and I was not told by anybody that I will be taking over the country as President, because we were two men at the time chosen and his intention was not even to go. He did not have trust in Nigeria that he would have gone there to stay peacefully. It sounded to him, according to him, that it was a trick. That was what I heard him say at the point in time. He said, "Maybe my going to Nigeria is a trap set in front of me." So his going there, he did not cherish it, according to this document, and that is what I said.

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