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Now, witness, the Defence also asked you, or put it to you that you should have known, or should have had a clue, as they put it in their manner, before 11 August 2003 that you were going to succeed to the presidency and you said you did not. I would like to ask the Registry to put before you another MFI, MFI-18, and that is a CNN article also about the weapons plan being intercepted and I am looking for page 2 of that document. Let me go down the page here a bit, the paragraph that begins, "On Saturday", which is I think the fifth full paragraph and read the next four paragraphs there and ask a question to you based on this content. This is an article dated 7 August 2003:

"On Saturday Taylor said he would hand over power to a new President on 11 August and that the Parliament would meet Thursday to approve the new President. Taylor had said that the choice for President is between Vice-President Moses Blah and House Speaker Nyundueh Monkomana, but on Thursday leaders of the national assembly were told that Taylor would not address Parliament. No reason was given for Taylor's cancelling his plans, CNN Koinange reported. Taylor had been hedging lately on whether he would accept Nigeria's offer of asylum. His government has said he would leave only after peacekeepers were oh the ground and if a war crimes indictment against Taylor is dropped."

Witness, how does this compare to your observation of events at the time?

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