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I said yes, on the newspaper reports. That means that some of these papers, they will come out, you buy them, you read, but that doesn't mean that you agree, because you were not at the scene. That was only something said by the newspaper. You can - if I can recollect from the newspaper and that I read it I will say, "Yes, I saw the newspaper", but that doesn't mean that I agreed with the things that happened, because I was not there, I did not see them happen, but that was just how I agreed with most of the newspaper reports, but that didn't mean that they happened.

Sometimes in Liberia you will see the newspaper, you will read them and you will read different things in them and then you see different headlines and then you read them. Then sometimes you see certain things and you just read them and sometimes they are confusing, sometimes based on rumours, and they will write a newspaper and say all kinds of things about what they cannot prove.

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