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Yes, it has to do with this ambush. There was an ambush in Rivercess in which a businessman died. I will recall his name later. He was killed, and one of our commanders escaping unharmed and he went into the bush for about a week and he was later discovered and he was brought to safety. It started in Grand Gedeh, when one evening I was in Grand Gedeh for inspection, and this man - this businessman - had decided to come to Buchanan by using the Sinoe route coming to Rivercess. I knew it was dark and they wanted me to go and escort them as inspector general, but I advised earlier that the road was not good and during war if you were driving a car and the headlights of the car will be suspected and there will be an ambush. I warned them, but they said, no, the war was not close to them.

But as they went and they were attacked from Sinoe and that was the direction they wanted us to go at night, but then I told them that my car had a problem and that my jeep was not good and I needed to have it repaired before I will take the way to escort them at night. Then I took off, I came up to Tapita to the garage and it was early that morning that our radio - our communication in the car said - we heard that there was an ambush and this businessman was killed, another man jumped into the bush and the soldiers that we were carrying on that side they were all killed in an ambush. It was a terrible ambush. I remember that, but the names of those who got killed will come to my mind later. It was between Rivercess and Grand Bassa in the palm plantation - oil palm plantation. That was where the ambush took place.

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