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My family members. In my house I have my children, I have my grandchildren, my wife, my wife's relatives, approximately about - the children in my house in school they are 22. My family is about roughly 20, 15, 32 - maybe 50 persons live in my house. I have a house - a two storeyed building. It has so many rooms. There is a boys quarter in my house. I have children living there who are going to school. Some are children I am caring for, some are my grandchildren, my relatives' children. If you know being a President in Africa then you know a lot of responsibility rests on you. People who were not able whom you want to help - in fact as I am speaking to you if you see my house, you go into that compound you will think it is some kind of a refugee camp. We eat rice - mostly we eat about a bag of rice a day, or two days, in my house. That is the kind of strain I have. Right now as I am sitting here I worry all the time.

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