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Yes, they came again, the individuals. The group came again. When I retired - when I resigned my post as President on one occasion, just one occasion, it was not a big group, the representatives from the group came. I think there were four or five men. They said I must see to it that they get their monies from the United Nations as promised and if I don't I will be the one to pay them the money that the government owed them. That was when Gyude Bryant was the chairman. He got involved and I told him, Gyude Bryant, "I am no longer President of this country, you are chairing this transitional government and they said this is my problem". He said, "No, I will intervene. I will call the men to me and make them understand you were acting as President of Liberia. You are no more President. Nobody has claims to you". That was when that stopped and they stopped coming to me.

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