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Well, I talked through legislators. I talked to the ministers of my government and this time the meeting was held in the Executive Mansion and I was able to convince Sekou Conneh to come and the other commander of LURD who was also there, I will recall his name later. We started talking peace and I told them - I appealed to them that I was not here for power. The presidency I am here for came out of the meeting in Ghana, that I will only be here for 60 days as President and we will have to elect our chairman who was - the chairman that was elected in Ghana will have to come and I will turn over the presidency to him for the sake of peace and we shall run a government until we have an election in this country. They all accepted what I said. I also promised them, I said, "For you to be to believe that you have come here and that I invited you here for peace, I will start disarming myself tomorrow. As we leave this conference tomorrow morning, if you have any representatives to send to make sure I will start voluntary disarmament. I will give over the weapons of the government to ECOMOG - to ECOMIL, to have them under their custody and I will be without arms and ammunition because I am out for peace and I am expecting you to do the same."

Judge, your Honours, can I use the restroom?

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