The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

At that time I was on my way to the Nigeria. I visited Ghana first and I went to Obasanjo and I told Obasanjo that I needed more help and that he had done well, peace is gradually returning to Liberia and that he had done well even by taking President Taylor to his country and that was for the sake of peace, to bring peace to Liberia and I thanked him very much for what he did. And I also explained to him that I had been talking to my neighbours trying to reassure them that there would be no more war coming out of Liberia to attack their countries and he was very happy. He congratulated me and he said that was the best thing a President should do in his region and that he said he was trying too to live good with his neighbours and the citizens of his country to live in peace. And he congratulated me and I went back to Liberia. I spent the night in Nigeria and I went back home the following day.

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