The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Yes, he simply said that if you had a neighbour and the neighbour is in trouble, he is on his knees, what you should have done was to go to him and hold him by his hands, lift him up to ensure that he stood straight. But then he also said another parable, that you should not go to step on his back to push him down further, to drag him on the ground. Then he said that was the former President Taylor. He said he was in trouble, people were fighting against him, his own soldiers were fighting against him, but Taylor did not stop that and that, instead of sending soldiers into his country, he sent to fight him and he said he did not like that and he said that is one thing he will never forget and that, "Even though I welcome you as President of Liberia into my country, but that particular incident I will never forget it. It will take a long time to wipe that away from my heart". And I kept saying to him, "Sorry, sorry, sorry. I will do as I promised".

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