The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

When Taylor was President we had the Liberian army. That was organised, Liberian army, stationed at the Barclay Training Centre in Monrovia. But then he had his forces like the anti-artillery unit, like the ATU. The anti-artillery unit, the ATU. It was a very powerful unit organised by him and they took orders only from President Taylor and nobody else. And there were other units like the Marine unit. The previous units we had within the NPFL at that time, some were still active and they were standing by. They were not known to the public, but they were still standing by in case anything happened, because we had threats from the start of election, like I said. ULIMO-K and ULIMO-J were still standing by and they were in the bushes and they did not attack immediately, but later they started fighting again against the Government of Liberia.

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