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I met President Tejan Kabbah first and then I went on to - with his permission I went in to see - because there was a lot of talking that he denied. He instructed me - President Taylor did not instruct me to do, but I went to see the amputees, their condition, to make sure that it actually happened to the people of Sierra Leone. I went to the amputees camp, I saw them, I greeted them. I said in general, "I am not trying to preach at the people of Liberia, but you allege saying that we are killing your people. We are not in court, but I am sorry for what happened to you. This is war. If there was something, I don't think we were fully responsible. This is the money from my own pocket." I saw some people they were very, very sorrowful. They had both hands amputated, their legs. I saw a fat woman in a condition, it almost brought tears to my eyes. I said, "Sorry, why must this thing happen? This is a high degree of cruelty." I spoke to her, I rubbed her back and I gave them some money. That was what I did in Sierra Leone.

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