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That was in May. It was in May, only May. They came through Loguatuo, entry point to Cote d'Ivoire. They came into Ganta and on to Saclepea where they were in a very large group.

Usually I go to my town to spend weekends. As Vice-President, when I am taking a break off, or time off, I go to my home, which is Toweh Town, Nimba County. On one occasion I was going home when there was a big convoy of LURD - of RUF fighters entering the country and people were all panicky because they were bringing arms, ammunition, trucks, cars. The civilians in Ganta said, "Well, where are these boys coming from? It is a very big group and they were fighting people." They did not bother anyone. They went and left towards my home town and they based in Saclepea. When I got to Saclepea I went to the old school building where they were. They brought women, they brought children from Cote d'Ivoire, they brought arms and ammunition and cars. At one point they were fighting over a car, so I went to where they were. I didn't see Sam Bockarie there, but I saw other commanders who came with them. I said, "Where are you people based and what are you doing here?" They said they were coming from - there was a conflict with their group in Cote d'Ivoire and, "We had to escape to come to Liberia with our properties", their cars, women, their children and they were all at the school building in Saclepea.

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