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No, further on down the line they got implicated in something called a coup to overthrow his authority at the time in the camp. They had decided themselves to take over. At one point he went and did not return on time, he was there for a very long time, and these two men have decided since he's away for a very long time they would have taken over the organisation, they would come in their own right. Cooper declared himself President and Wright was his deputy, vice-president, but unfortunately for them it was not long when Taylor returned and this matter was reported to him by security people he had on the ground. So he had decided to take these people away, two of these men, Cooper Miller and Augustine Wright, and he said he was taking them to Burkina Faso and he have them detained until after the revolution. After we have succeeded in Liberia, he will bring them over into Liberia.

At that point Isaac Musa was brought and he brought Isaac with him in fact as a commander in place of Cooper Miller and he appointed me as adjutant in charge of training under Isaac Musa. So, we were both in command when Isaac - I mean, when Cooper and Wright was taken away.

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