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Well, after a particular day when I came from prepping they invited me into their office. In fact, they were not even two ladies. It was a woman and one white man who was in charge. They interviewed me and they told me that they heard that when I was travelling I brought drugs with me, but I said to them, "No". They asked me whether I did not bring drugs. I said, "No, I did not bring any drugs". Then they told me marijuana, they said they were not talking about any other drugs, but then I told them, "No. In the first place I do not smoke in fact and so that is a wrong information, so if you want you can go upstairs and check in my room", and so that was what I told them. So they told me it was an information they received and that they were going to forward it, but actually I did not bring marijuana with me and I do not even smoke it.

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