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Tab 10, please. Now this document, Mr Kanneh, is a memorandum of the witness expenses incurred in relation to you by a department of the Court called the witnesses and victims service, WVS, or section. This reads as follows:

"Witness attendance allowance. Witness first arrived on 25 March 2007. To date he has been paid a total of 816,000 leones as witness attendance allowance."

Then in addition to that there is the following other expenditure: For medical expenses 175,000 leones, for transportation 545,000 leones and something called miscellaneous, it looks like it is 1,022,000 leones making a grand total incurred in respect of you of 2,558,000 leones.

Now, in other words, in addition to the expenses that we have already looked at given to you by the Prosecution, the Witness and Victims Section have spent just over two and a half million leones on you since 25 March last year.

Can you just help us with this: 816,000 leones as witness attendance allowance, do you know what that means?

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