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Well, I'll read you your response to this issue to the RUF Trial Chamber. It's also in tab 6 that we've just visited and it's on pages 30 and 31. Madam Witness, you were asked this question in the RUF trial and you gave the following response. The question was at line 28, your Honours, on that page, which is page 30, of the RUF trial:

"Q. Did anybody become leader of the group after SAJ Musa


A. Yes, sir."

Over to the next page:

"Q. Who did?

A. Five-Five."

And then the next question:

"Q. From Benguema, did you go anywhere?

A. Yes, sir."

Madam Witness, you told the Court in Freetown in March 2006 that Five-Five became commander of the group after SAJ Musa's death, yes?

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