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Madam Witness, to be fair to you I will read the preceding questions and answers you gave and I want you to focus on the answer you gave about Med Bajehjeh in the context of approaching Freetown and whether or not he was part of the strategy to invade Freetown, so just listen and I'll read the questions and answers again. From the same page I'll read from line 12. They asked you this question:

"Q. Was CO Med and the Red Lion Battalion part of the SAJ

Musa group?

A. Well, I just saw them at the base. I did not know the

difference between them.

Q. Well, when SAJ Musa ordered the troops to go to

Freetown did CO Med follow that order?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Did CO Med, as far as you are aware, fall into the

strategy of the attack on Freetown as ordered by SAJ Musa?

A. Yes, sir."

And then the question:

"Q. Then after SAJ Musa died, CO Med then followed the

strategy laid by Gullit?

A. After SAJ Musa I did not see CO Med again."

Madam Witness, do you see that these questions were focused on whether or not CO Med was going to take part in the Freetown invasion?

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