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Madam President, your Honours, this evidence and evidence of its kind that will in the future be offered to this Court is relevant to this case and admissible for a variety of reasons. First of all, although the Court has judicially noticed that there was an armed conflict, it has not judicially noticed crimes against humanity. It has not judicially noticed widespread or systematic attack. It is relevant for that.

Secondly, it is relevant within the contextual elements of crimes against humanity for the purpose of showing that this was a part of crimes against humanity, that the charged crimes were part of crimes against humanity. They were part of this attack. It is also relevant to prove that there was a campaign of terror and that there were not isolated acts by rogue commanders, or rogue persons, but rather that this type of conduct was carried out throughout Sierra Leone over a period of time, showing both a campaign of terror within the time period alleged. So it is relevant for that as well.

It is also relevant to prove various forms of liability; in particular joint criminal enterprise. It shows, over a period of time, the same conduct being carried out and continued participation in this conduct by persons that we allege were co-actors with the accused in this joint criminal enterprise.

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