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Yes, but that has to be read in context, Ms Baly, and right now we are struggling to understand what these categorisations comprise. What is group 1 comprised of? For me I am going by the reading in the motion, paragraph 3, the renewed motion, and the categories are there plainly. Category 1 is stated plainly and I do not see the words, "And the balance of the witnesses in the original witness list". I don't see those words there. I clearly see the following:

"The Prosecution has divided the 266 witnesses into two groups. Group 1, witnesses of fact. Group 2, experts who have waived their right to protection."

And then within group 1 the witnesses are further subdivided into three categories A, B and C, that I referred to above earlier and I read that in connection with paragraph 4 which says:

"Annexed to this motion and marked as annex A are the pseudonyms of group 1 witnesses in their three divided categories and group 2 witnesses are listed in annex B."

Now when I read or when I count the number of witnesses in both A and B they do not amount to 266 and the question then begs is what happened to the balance? But I see my answer in paragraph 5 which says: "Therefore the actual number of witnesses who will be subject to the protective measures if granted will be less than 266." To me that then accounts for the balance of everyone who I do not see in annex A or B.

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