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I'm now going to ask you about another passage in that same interview on page 00045569 - sorry, it's now in its third incarnation in terms of the numbers. It's actually now page 00034647. The page I'm going to hand to the witness has got two totally different numbers on it, but it is the same page and it's actually the very next page of the same interview for the purposes of the record.

Mr Witness, this is the next page of the record of what you have said to the Prosecution in April of 2003 and I'm going to ask you about a passage just over halfway down the page. On the right-hand side there is a line that has "Lieutenant Mohamed" in it, which I think is an easy name to spot. Immediately below that, on the next line, there's a sentence at the very end of the next line that starts, "Witness said when they got to Waterloo ..." Do you see that.

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