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Now Defence counsel when he was giving you - gave you some questions, he asked you about whether or not you agreed with what some other witnesses in this case had said. One of the witnesses he asked you about was King Perry. He read to you certain portions of King Perry's testimony, but not all of it. I am going to ask you to listen to another thing that King Perry said and I want you to see if you - you can tell me if you agree with it or not, or you don't know. The question was - and just for counsel's reference, I'm sorry, the question was - this is from the transcript on - I'm mixing my dates - 6 February 2008, page 3187, line 24, 25 and the response on line 26. Now the question put to King Perry at that time was:

"Q. And who do you say or who was the leader of the entire

group that left Koinadugu?

A. It was O-Five who was AFRC commander."

Just for contextual purposes, this is in reference to the group that left from Koinadugu to Rosos which you have referred to as the new Red Lion battalion. When you listen to this response do you agree with it or not?

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