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I will continue to read from line 5 of Sesay's testimony, still at page 8760. He goes on to say:

"I want us to make - to get the point clear. Now you are telling me about battalion and the Red Lion group, because the Red Lion battalion was only formed on the arrival at Colonel Eddie Town and it was at the time that Gullit asked that they form that Red Lion battalion and it was Med Bajehjeh that was asked by Gullit to lead them and it comprised the STF, former NPFL fighters and some RUF that formed the Red Lion battalion, including some SBUs."

Madam Witness, I ask you this: Bobson Sesay says that the commander, or the leader of the Red Lion battalion was Med Bajehjeh, or Mohamed Bajehjeh. Do you stand by your evidence that it was headed, or led, by O-Five?

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