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When we left off on Friday we were considering the evidence of Alimamy Bobson Sesay and we were considering in particular a transcript from 28 April of this year and I would like to pick up from where we left off. For everyone's recollection the transcript in question is from 28 April, an open session transcript and I had read to the witness starting at page 8759 and going on to page 8760. Madam Witness, Bobson Sesay was asked a question that was not completed, but he went on to give an answer. The question starts at line 29 on page 8759. The question was this, "Are you saying the Red Lion battalion", and on to page 8760 he gives the response:

"I said that later came and turned into the Red Lion battalion because of the arrival of this group that was led by O-Five at Colonel Eddie Town. It was from amongst them that Gullit said that they should form the Red Lion battalion and it was at Colonel Eddie Town that it happened."

Now, the last question I posed to you on Friday was whether you agreed with Bobson Sesay that the Red Lion battalion was formed at Colonel Eddie Town.

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