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The moment my group, that was Superman's group, joined Colonel T and we came to Makeni, we went straight to where Bai Bureh was, that was Teko Road, and we met Bai Bureh at Teko Road. Then Superman and I were sitting when Bai Bureh and Superman spoke and Bai Bureh was to go and show the barracks to Superman. And they stopped when they attacked the barracks, Bai Bureh and others when they attacked the Teko barracks, and from that moment we did not even rest for an hour when we moved to Teko barracks. When we were going to Teko barracks, there was a school which was along the road going to Teko barracks called MCA. It was there that we met an armoured tank coming from the barracks to enter Makeni Town, and it was from that spot that a battle started and we then went into the barracks. We entered right into the barracks at night and we were in the barracks until 5.30 in the morning.

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