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When they withdrew back to Binkolo and Colonel T sent the message to Superman, we left that village where Superman, I and others were and the women who could not move, who were with the wounded soldiers, and some armed men in the village, we moved. And the second group, that was our own group, that was Superman and myself, were there. We moved to join Colonel T and others in Binkolo and we arrived in Binkolo around 5.30 in the morning. When we arrived in Binkolo we communicated with the station that was in Makeni, which was Rambo's station, and Short Bai Bureh's station, which was at Teko Road, and at that time the road that led to Binkolo, there were no soldiers there. I mean neither ECOMOG, nor SLAs, or civilians. None of them were on that road. But the ECOMOG used it - particularly the SLAs, they used it from the barracks - to pull out from the barracks to go to Kabala and it was that same road that we used to enter Makeni. When we entered Makeni we went straight to where Bai Bureh was. That was Teko Road.

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