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When we got to Koinadugu, before entering Koinadugu one last village from which you left, but it was not up to two miles to Koinadugu, that was where the STFs were. That was where I met the STFs whom General Bropleh was with. That was where they were based and that was where we met men who had come from Koinadugu from Superman's location where he and Superman, SAJ Musa, were. They came ahead of us in that village and we - together we entered Koinadugu.

It was in the evening that I entered Koinadugu. All the houses that were there it was just a few houses whereby the soldiers and SAJ Musa's men who had gone there did not occupy, and I did not really see civilians who were living by themselves, like you would say they were staying in their own houses, that is just civilians in a house, living in a house there.

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