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When I got to Yomandu Superman was not there, he had already left for Kurubonla, but when I got to Yomandu I communicated with him that I and his other bodyguards have arrived in Yomandu. When he went to Kurubonla, the instruction which Sam Bockarie had given him he did not carry it out. He joined the SLAs and they moved from Kurubonla and went to Kabala. When I got to Yomandu and told him that we have arrived there, he said Short Bai Bureh should get manpower from among his own men whom we met so that we and the manpower from Yomandu and those of us who had come from Superman's base could go and meet them, he Superman, where they were. I passed the night in Yomandu and the next day in the evening one Senegalese met us in Yomandu.

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