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Yes. When I went I was at first in a vehicle with the radio set which was not switched on. It was on the vehicle because wherever the attack was going on at, where it will be possible to switch on a radio set I will switch it on. And that same vehicle was also used by Superman up to the time with we got close to Koidu Town where the combat camp was.

And when we left the Guinea Highway, those of us who had come from Superman's place, we met Guineans on the way entering into Koidu Town. That was where the Guinean soldiers were under ECOMOG. Fighting took place there. The Guinean soldiers ended up running away. They abandoned their arms, their weapons that were mounted, which were heavy weapons, including 30 calibre, there were RPGs there and in the house, the corrugated tin shack where these Guinean soldiers were, they had ammunition there, a lot. So we took them and put them in the vehicle.

Then we went ahead and I was with Superman in that vehicle up to the time we got to Koidu Town. He alighted and joined the forces that were on the ground. I was in the vehicle and went up to Five-Five point where that bridge is. That was where I stopped. I returned to the cotton tree where you used the road to go to Tombodu. That was where I waited with the radio.

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