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After they had come for the whole day, we were receiving these men. The next morning these herbalists created a special place for them to be doing this marking on the bodies of the soldiers and we went there. Because I spoke Gbandi, Superman called me to speak. When that Loma Pa was talking, the Gbandi woman would tell me and I will interpret what she tells me to those who did not understand the language. So, it was Superman first who was inside the place which was established. They marked there with a circle whereby when you entered that circle you did not come out until you were marked. I was the second person to enter that circle after Superman. I was standing there with Superman when I was talking what the Gbandi woman was telling me. So when they marked Superman the woman told me to sit down, I sat down and they marked me and they marked the rest of the other soldiers. We were there up to nightfall. They marked us and gave us laws for the markings that had been made on our bodies. After they had completed the marking, Komba and his men returned to their location. Rambo returned with his own men. Bai Bureh returned with his own men.

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