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I believe that I said it here yesterday that I was at Superman's ground when this diamond issue came up. I was not in Buedu and they never sent a message from Buedu station to us at Superman's station that Sam Bockarie had given Issa Sesay diamonds to take them to Liberia.

We only came to know about these diamonds when Issa Sesay reported to Sam Bockarie that the diamonds that he had given to him had gone missing and because these diamonds went missing and people were grumbling around that if it were any other person within the RUF other than him who may have lost those diamonds, Sam Bockarie would have killed that person. So commanders and soldiers alike wanted to know what they were going to do to Issa for those missing diamonds and it was during that time that I got a message for Superman and other commanders from the other stations to move to Buedu and hold a meeting about those diamonds so that they will tell them exactly what had happened and what they had to do.

It was during this time that I too went with Superman to Buedu and it was when I got to Buedu that I understood from Major Sellay why Issa was given these diamonds and at that time Issa had gone to Liberia with the diamonds and they had gone missing before he came back, before we - before the meeting was called for and when I went to Buedu.

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