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Now the next question I have from something you said yesterday and, counsel opposite, this is page 12193, the portion of the response I will be referring to runs from lines 24 to 29. Yesterday I was asking you about the time when you were - you knew about arms and ammunitions coming from Buedu to Superman Ground and I asked you what you meant when you said these arms and ammunitions came from Buedu, "What do you mean by that?"

You said you knew they came from Buedu "because when people would come from Superman's location or a group of people, if they were, for example, to go and escort a person like when they went to escort the ECOMOG soldier they had a crossing point at that riverside."

You went on to say, "So those who were in Buedu, the armed men, the trained men who were unarmed men, would carry the materials on their heads and they would bring it to the commander who would be leading the other group that would have come from our own end."

Now I am going to ask you first of all what did you mean when you said, "The armed men, the trained men who were unarmed men would carry the materials on their heads"?

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