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I am just going to ask you a few questions about some of the things that you said yesterday before we move on to continue what you were talking about and just for purposes of Defence counsel I will give you any references I use just ahead of time of the question and the first one is actually from page 12127 of yesterday's transcript, lines 10 through 16.

Mrs Witness, yesterday you were talking about the time when the Abidjan Peace Accord was signed and then where you were, you were attacked by the Kamajors and that you and your group were scattered until the AFRC coup. Now, I asked you whether or not you were operating on a radio at that time, at the time between when you were attacked by the Kamajors in the Black Water area up until the time of the AFRC coup, and yesterday you answered, "At that time I was not operating because so many things were missing from us, thus causing us not to switch on our radios." What did you mean when you said "because so many things were missing from us"?

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