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I left Gaya, I was at the radio station when a message from Freetown came that the SLA's headquarter station that was there sent a message that the ECOMOG had taken over Freetown and they were retreating, they were leaving Freetown. So when that message came all of us scattered about. We who were there, the RUF and the SLA, all of us scattered about. Everybody went to his house where he or she was and took what he or she could take.

While we were about packing what we could pack - because just after they had said that Freetown had fallen into the hands of ECOMOG to us it looked like the whole movement, that was the RUF and the AFRC, was scattered. Everybody was just going about his or her own way and we were in Gaya, civilians were coming from Koidu coming to Gaya and soldiers too were coming from Koidu Town. That is the SLA, RUF coming to Gaya saying that there was looting going on in Gaya and that was Five-Five and Gullit were the ones who had passed the instruction that they were to run Operation Pay Yourself and they started looting people's property. They said they were breaking into shops, saying that they were to pay themselves and all of us scattered about and we went where we could go.

I went to Small Sefadu together with Foday Lansana and Waco-Waco and the other people who were with us. We passed through Kayima, through Alikalia and we went to Kabala.

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