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Before we resume the evidence of the witness I wish to announce a decision. Having considered the submissions, and in the light of the urgency of the Defence motion pursuant to Rule 75(G) to rescind closed session protective measures granted orally in other proceedings for witness TF1-168, we will now give an oral decision on the motion.

By a majority, Justice Doherty dissenting, we partly allow the motion and vary the existing protective measures so that instead of an entirely closed session the following measures will, in the opinion of the Trial Chamber, strike a proper balance between the rights of the accused and the security of the witness; i.e. continued use of a pseudonym, voice distortion, image distortion, screening from the public, private sessions whenever necessary and those other protective measures concerning dissemination of information about the witness which are presently in place.

Mr Santora, when you are ready to proceed. It would appear the LiveNote is not working. I will ask someone to have it looked at. Madam Court Attendant, if you could please assist. Counsel, would it be appropriate to proceed without the LiveNote, provided of course that it is being fully recorded? Is it being fully recorded?

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